What is Agari and Does My Company Need It?

Learn about the Agari solution.

Zight | May 27, 2020 | 8 min read time

Article Last Updated: June 25, 2023

What is Agari and Does My Company Need It?

Digital security is an important issue. Many companies have gotten themselves into trouble over the past few years for mishandling customer information and/or not effectively protecting it. Agari exists to ensure these breaches stop happening.

Keep reading to learn what Agari is, the technology it uses, the products it sells, other solutions it integrates with, and more. By the end of this article, you’ll have a much better idea of whether or not Agari is a tool your company needs.

What is Agari

Agari is the “only cloud-native solution using predictive AI to stop advanced email attacks.” Put another way, Agari is a SaaS product that helps companies reduce BEC attacks, remove spear phishing, and end email identity deception so that they can trust their inboxes.

The software includes four advanced technologies: Agari Identity Graph, Secure Email Cloud, Agari SOC Network, and Continuous Detection and Response; and combines them into three distinct products: Agari Phishing Defense, Agari Phishing Response, and Agari Brand Protection. Each is filled with impressive capabilities, which is why some of the biggest corporations in the world — companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google — use Agari.

In the next section we’ll begin to explore Agari’s offerings in more detail.

Agari Technology

‍We’ll start with the technology that Agari products are built on:

Agari Identity Graph

In the company’s own words, the Agari Identity Graph is a “high-performance graph database of relationships and behavioral patterns between individuals, brands, businesses, services, and domains using hundreds of characteristics to define trusted communications.”

Most modern cyber attackers try to deceive humans rather than systems. They do this by pretending to be a trusted entity and acquiring private information from duped emailers. General email security programs aim to stop these attacks by inspecting the reputation of an incoming email’s infrastructure before it hits the inbox. But they’re easily fooled.

The Agari Identity Graph is able to identify sophisticated email deception attacks by using AI technology to map and authenticate identities, learn and model behavioral relationships, and score messages versus expected behavior. The result is a much more secure inbox for Agari customers.

Secure Email Cloud

Secure Email Cloud is the architecture that Agari’s email security solution is built on. It “delivers the integration, flexibility, and resiliency to support Agari products at true enterprise scale.” Which means, Secure Email Cloud can assist any kind of company, large or small, without disrupting email operations and plays well in cloud-only, on-premise, and hybrid environments.

It also features an API library and continuous code and data updates to ensure the Agari system is able to quickly block malicious attacks — even new, never before seen ones.

Agari SOC Network

Next we have the Agari SOC Network, a one-of-a-kind cyber intelligence sharing community that helps companies “detect and defend against advanced email threats.”

The Agari Cyber Intelligence Division (ACDID for short) works to discover cyber gangs and their various schemes. When it does, it automatically eliminates them from all inboxes in the network. This global shared intelligence ensures the highest level of security for Agari customers.

Continuous Detection and Response

Technology can greatly reduce the number of successful email attacks experienced. But every once in a blue moon, a threat slips through the cracks. The longer it takes to identify and remove said threat, the more time cybercriminals have to damage a company.

Agari Continuous Detection and Response technology works to eliminate attacks before they turn into data breaches. One of the ways it does this is via a convenient mobile app, which alerts users to potential threats and gives them the ability to respond immediately.

Agari Products‍

The Agari technologies mentioned above are used to create the three distinct products listed in this section. We’ll start with Agari Phishing Defense:

Agari Phishing Defense

The biggest threat to digital security is email. It’s where 91% of cyber attacks start. But companies can’t simply “not do email.” It’s essential to modern business. This is where Agari Phishing Defense comes in handy.

If you’re not familiar with the term, phishing is:

“A cybercrime in which a target or targets are contacted by email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords.”

Most email security systems aren’t adequately equipped to handle these attacks. The Agari Phishing Defense product is. It does so by using machine learning technology (like the Agari Identity Graph mentioned above) to recognize threats and stop them before they reach inboxes. Agari can even stop threats originating inside a company!

As of this writing, Agari Phishing Defense has stopped over 100 million malicious emails and has a 99.9% advanced threat capture rate. In other words, it’s incredibly effective!

Agari Phishing Response

Email-based hacks account for 94% of all breaches. Typically, cybercriminals are able to steal data within a few hours of infiltrating a system. Unfortunately, it usually takes weeks or months for companies to realize they’ve been hacked and deal with the issue.

To protect their data, many enterprises have Security Operations Centers that deal with phishing incidents manually. This is incredibly inefficient.

Agari Phishing Response contains and remedies breaches automatically in minutes. This ensures that hackers don’t have enough time to steal sensitive information — if they’re able to get in at all. Plus, once a threat is detected, it’s logged into the Agari system. The software then uses this information to safeguard against future attacks of the same nature.

Agari Brand Protection

What happens if a cybercriminal uses your brand name to gain the trust of your customers, convince them to open an email, and then steals their personal details? Even though your company had nothing to do with the attack, you could get blamed for the incident and lose a customer as a result.

Agari Brand Protection makes sure that every email your customers receive from your brand is actually from your brand.

Agari does this by partnering with the world’s leading brands and email providers (think Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.) to aggregate threat data from billions of email inboxes around the world. It then contextually correlates it for more than seven billion daily messages, which allows brands to authenticate and verify their emails, while stopping fraudulent messages.

Agari Brand Protection also gives its users insights regarding brand abuse and detection of email attacks in real time, before they blow up and become massive issues.

Top Agari Integrations

Fortunately, Agari can be used with some of the top email providers, including Office 365, MS Exchange, and G Suite. Here’s how the integrations benefit businesses:

Office 365

Many Office 365 users use Exchange Online Protection and Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection to combat spam, malware, and viruses. Unfortunately, these tools are unable to stop complicated email attacks like spear phishing.

Agari adds a layer of defense that’s both easy to implement and cost effective. Once the Agari solution is added, 99% of advanced email attacks are stopped due to Agari’s ability to model trust relationships between individuals, brands, businesses, services, and domains.

In other words, Agari compliments the existing security measures inside Office 365 to ensure its users are completely fortified against malicious email schemes.

MS Exchange

MS Exchange, combined with a Secure Email gateway, is able to defend against spam, known viruses, and malware. Plain text emails and advanced attacks, though, easily penetrate the defenses built into Microsoft’s email solution. In fact, 90% of successful intrusions can be traced back to identity deception schemes aimed at this loophole.

Agari uses “AI and advanced machine learning to model good email and sending behavior.” This means that the software can understand relationships and specific behavior within an email, inspect each message in real time, and detect advanced email attacks.

G Suite

G Suite has become incredibly popular with small and midsize businesses because of its abundance of features and affordable price tag. Unfortunately, it’s one of the largest cloud-based targets for phishing attacks.

While the solution can fend off spam, known viruses, and malware, it’s unable to protect its users against sophisticated email attacks such as account takeovers and spear phishing.

Agari’s AI based solutions come alongside G Suite to use the power of data to check every incoming email in real time. This approach ensures that G Suite’s internal cybersecurity protocols are never spoofed or evaded.

How Much Does Agari Cost?

The Agari website doesn’t list specific prices, but it does inform visitors that each of the company’s products are “priced by number of mailboxes or email message volume,” which means you, as an Agari customer, have control over how much you pay based on how often you and your team use the service. Agari also allows its customers to purchase its products as standalone solutions or within bundles.

If you’re interested in the Agari solution, we suggest you get in touch with its sales team to learn more about the various costs associated with the tool.

The Agari Partner Network‍

We also need to mention the Agari Partner Network, which allows companies to offer Agari’s artificial intelligence-driven solutions to their own customers. Doing so has been proven to increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

As organizations sell more Agari products and increase their knowledge of the platform, they can ascend the tiered structure that Agari has built to better classify its partners. A company that begins at the Select level can earn their way into the Premiere, and even Elite levels by increasing their knowledge around Agari solutions and achieving higher customer satisfaction ratings. Premiere and Elite status can also be used as a marketing tool to prove email defense capabilities to potential customers.

Overall, the Agari Partner Network is a great program and that’s why industry heavyweights like Microsoft and Cisco are a part of it.

Does Your Company Need Agari?

Whether or not your company needs Agari is up for debate. But there’s no doubt that it’s an incredibly useful solution that can provide peace of mind to company leaders and ensure your organization’s private dealings are shielded from prying eyes.

Again, we encourage you to get in touch with Agari’s sales team to learn more about how the tool can benefit your specific business and how much it will cost.

Wrapping Up

Agari is an advanced solution that helps companies prevent email attacks, keep their private details safe, and ensure their customers aren’t roped into elaborate phishing schemes. It’s a popular tool that’s used by top brands like Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Will your company start using it as well? It probably should if it’s worried about email security.

Agari’s suite of products, backed by impressive tech innovations, will keep cybercriminals out of your company inboxes and away from your customers. Contact the Agari sales team today to learn more about the solution and its pricing structure. Good luck!

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