Making You More Productive, One Product at a Time

Learn more about Phin, CloudApp’s Product Manager.

Zight | December 17, 2019 | 3 min read time

Article Last Updated: July 17, 2023

Making You More Productive, One Product at a Time

I am thrilled to join the team at Zight (formerly CloudApp) as a Product Manager!

So what does a Product Manager do? Glad you asked!

A Product Manager can mean a lot of different things in different companies, but it’s essentially 3 things :

  • First and foremost, ensure that customer needs and feedback (your feedback! ) is being followed through and prioritized, consistently making your experience better.
  • help the company grow and achieve its vision (in this case, helping you communicate your work faster ⚡️)
  • and lastly, always being ahead of the curve for the technology and quality (New macOS feature? You got it!)

In the end, this should result in something that you will love using, that works really well, and improves your workflow.

This is why joining Zight (formerly CloudApp) makes a lot of sense for me. I was previously at Breather, a company dedicated to providing productive office space for a few days or months, all from your phone or computer.

I started there more than 6 years ago to develop their first app, eventually being more product-oriented and moving on to building more features to enhance the experience of users.

In many ways the mission is the same, ensuring users can be productive at work, whether it’s through their environment or their productivity tools.

I have been a power user of Zight (formerly CloudApp) for sometime. It has been automagically uploading thousands of drops saving me a lot of time every day. I always drag and drop any file on the cloud icon to share with my development team(s) or add some quick annotations to help explain customer problems.

As a product manager you also often need to present new features, so the free free screen recorder has been handy.

It’s the kind of product that I would install on every new computer, then never actively think about it again as it would just fit into my workflow. When I started talking to the team, it was a no brainer for me that I needed to join the adventure.

As a long-time user there are of course many ideas and suggestions that came up that I would love to add at some point. I would love someday to have personalized URLs for some documents (ex: share.getcloudapp .com/q1-2019-product-presentation), or some collections (ex: share.getcloudapp. com/features).

As I am recording I would definitely like to ensure none of my personal notifications come distract my presentations as I sometimes forget to turn them off.

Anything that would make Zight (formerly CloudApp) a better product in your workflow would be amazing to bring to the table. A lot of them have been submitted to the public roadmap, which I hope to leverage and keep up to date.

Whether you are a long time Zight (formerly CloudApp) user or just discovering how you can make your communication faster and more efficient, feel free to send an email at [email protected]!

Any feedback or suggestion is appreciated, or we can just talk product!

I am excited to join in the journey with my fellow Zight (formerly CloudApp)ians


Séraphin (or Phin!)

Free free to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn as well.

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