New Windows Features: Video Trim & Cut, Floating Recording Icon, Notifications Panel, Rearrange The Main CloudApp Actions

CloudApp’s new Windows Features

Zight | October 16, 2020 | 3 min read time

Article Last Updated: June 04, 2023

New Windows Features: Video Trim & Cut, Floating Recording Icon, Notifications Panel, Rearrange The Main CloudApp Actions

Zight (formerly CloudApp) 6.1 for Windows

Video Trim & Cut. Had a little goof up while recording? No problem! Now you can trim or cut your video to take out parts you don’t want.

Floating Recording Icon. Fullscreen recordings now hide the recording menu better by condensing it into a semitransparent red dot.

Notifications Panel. See when your items have been viewed and more! With the new notifications panel, you’ll be able to see when your screenshots or videos have been viewed for the first time.

Rearrange the Main Zight (formerly CloudApp) Actions. See everything you can do with Zight (formerly CloudApp) and change which four appear on the main menu.

Video Demo

Trim and Cut Your Videos

With the new Trim & Cut feature, you can now make your videos more professional.

Once you have finished recording your video, just click on the pencil icon and open the editor window. From there, you can watch your video and trim or cut out segments. The trim feature takes out segments from the beginning or end of the recording. The cut feature will remove a segment in the middle.

Record Fullscreen Without the Recording Menu Getting in the Way

The recording menu now automatically hides into a red dot in the lower right-hand corner of your screen so it is less noticeable and out of the way.

Simply hover over the dot to expand the recording menu. While you are recording, the dot turns from solid red to semi-transparent red so you know you are recording. You can also drag the dot anywhere you want on the screen and Zight (formerly CloudApp) will remember where you put it for your next video.

In-App Notifications for When Your Items Are Viewed

With the new in-app notifications, you can know in real-time who views your content and when. If someone views your screenshot, video, or file for the first time, you will get an instant notification directly in the app! Plus, if your content is email-restricted (recipients must enter their email address before viewing), you will get notified each time it’s accessed and what their email is. You can disable in-app notifications in the general settings.

Customize the Main Zight (formerly CloudApp) Actions and Discover New Features

The “More Actions” button lets you see everything you can do with Zight (formerly CloudApp). You can also reorder which actions appear on your Zight (formerly CloudApp) menu for faster and easier access. Next to the actions you can also see the current shortcut for each one and change them to suit your preferences! Just click on the shortcut area, type in a new shortcut, and then click out of the shortcut area to set a new one.

Use Advanced Recording Settings to Make Your Videos Perfect

In this version, we’ve included a new recording library that is more customizable. With the new “Advanced Recording Settings” you can fully customize how your recordings are captured. You can change the bitrate mode, H264 Encoder Profile, record system audio output (doesn’t record microphone input at the same time for now), allow throttling, and more. This new recording library also resolves the intermittent issue of the audio and video being out of sync.

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