Introducing Webhooks – Send your content anywhere you want after capture

The webhooks feature to share your content and drop events.

Zight | June 13, 2018 | 2 min read time

Article Last Updated: June 25, 2023

Introducing Webhooks – Send your content anywhere you want after capture

With Zight (formerly CloudApp), it’s easy to create a video, screen recording, snippet, GIF or annotated screenshot, especially with keyboard shortcuts. But then, what can you do with this content after it’s been saved and uploaded?

Your life and team collaboration just got easier with Webhooks

By visiting, you can now:

  • Send webhooks (!!), wherever you’d like

How can you use this new feature?

Send a Webhook to Zapier for endless combinations:

Custom File Storage
Upload files directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box

Social Sharing
Automatically share to Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook

3rd Party Video Hosting
Share straight to YouTube, Wistia, Vidyard

Team Collaboration
Send new content straight to a Slack channel

Bug and Feature Tracking
Add detailed content descriptions to JIRA and Trello

Send a Webhook to your own custom service:

Log any and all of your data

What is included in the webhook payload?

What events can be sent?

  • drop created
  • drop viewed
  • drop shared
  • drop deleted

How to start using Webhooks with Zapier?

Let’s walk through one simple example of uploading your files to Dropbox.

1. Go to

2. You’ll need to add a webhook URL, which you can get by creating a new ‘Zap’ in Zapier called ‘Catch Hook’

3. After you copy the webhook URL and save it into Zight (formerly CloudApp), test to make sure that the webhook is sent correctly from Zight (formerly CloudApp) to Zapier

4. Now that you’re connected and are successfully sending Webhooks, it’s time to upload your content to Dropbox! Add the Dropbox Zap for ‘Upload File’ and make sure to choose the option for direct_link_url in the ‘File’ step to upload the direct link

And that’s it! You can now create Webhooks and share wherever you’d like. This is the first version of Webhooks. Let us know in the comments what you would like to see in upcoming versions. We plan to have a direct Zapier integration soon!

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