How To Take A Screenshot On An iPhone 5

Would you like to know how to take a screenshot on an iPhone 5? This guide will give you step-by-step guides for capturing screenshots with any of the iPhone 5 series smartphones.

Zight | September 27, 2022 | 7 min read time

How To Take A Screenshot On An iPhone 5

One of Apple’s iPhones has remained the most dominant product globally. The iPhone 5 and 5S were breakthrough products for iPhone fans and the brand itself as the sales spiked in the final quarter of 2014. This is why a lot of our users are asking about how to take a screenshot on an iPhone 5.

According to a report by Statista, “The iPhone 5S is the most popular iPhone model, as around 125 million people in the world use this device.”

Since there has been a surge in the production of different iPhone variants and iOS versions, it’s challenging to follow the exact instructions of how to take a screenshot on an iPhone 5. This is because they differ from phone to phone. As easy as it sounds, taking a screenshot from your iPhone 5 can be a complicated task for some people.

Although there are newer models on the market, you can still take screenshots if you own an iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, or 5se.

How Do I Take a Screenshot on an iPhone 5?

If you’re having trouble capturing screenshots from your iPhone 5, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

a) Method 1: Take a Screenshot using the Side Buttons:

Here’s a step-wise tutorial guide to help you get started. All you have to do is follow these simple steps!

1: From your iPhone 5, go to the screen you want to screenshot from your Apple smartphone.

2: Press and hold the sleep/wake or unlock button at the top of your phone. Immediately, your phone will vibrate, and you’ll hear the camera sound after a few seconds. Now, you can release the unlock button.

3: Next, touch your screen and drag across the portion you want to take the screenshot of. You don’t have to touch or drag your screen to capture the entire shot. Just press and hold the button.

4: You’ll notice that your captured screen appears in the lower screen area on the left of your phone for about two seconds. If you want to edit or share your screenshot, click on it before it disappears into your notification area. The screenshot has been saved in your photo library.

Step 5: You can view or delete your saved captured image in the photo library. Also, you can share your screenshot from another application.

2) Method 2: Take a Screenshot using the Control Center Panel

Follow the steps below to use this alternative method to take screenshots from your iPhone 5:

1: Open the screen or app you want to capture from your iPhone.

2: Go to the notification or accessibility bar and click Capture.

3: Save the picture in the photo gallery or edit it. You can also share or delete the image.

3) Method 3: Take a Screenshot using Safari Browser:

Follow these steps if you’re using a Safari Browser from your iPhone 5 and want to screenshot an entire web page:

1: Visit your phone’s Safari browser and take the screenshot by pressing and holding the sleep/wake or unlock button at the top of your phone. The thumbnail will appear on your iPhone 5 screen in the lower-left corner.

2: Click on the thumbnail to see your captured screenshot. You’ll see that your screenshot’s full page appears at the top right. Now, click on it. You’ll see the full screenshot on the right side of your screen.

3: You can add notes, rotate, crop, or share your screenshot by clicking on the icon at the top right of your screen. Don’t forget to press Done after editing your screenshot. This saves the edited image in the photo gallery.

All of these methods are helpful when it comes to taking screenshots. However, if you’re using other variants of Apple iPhones, you can learn more here about how to take screenshots from your selected iPhone model or device.

How Do I Take a Screenshot on an iPhone 5c?

With new and updated iOS versions, capturing screenshots from your iPhone 5c is challenging for users. Fortunately, the iPhone 5c provides accessible screenshot features to capture your essential documents, images, and texts without any inconvenience.

Let this step-wise guide help you understand more about this feature.

1: Open your screen, app, or chat that you want to screenshot for storing or sharing purposes. Next, press and hold your phone’s front and back buttons (Volume up + Home).

2:  Keep pressing hold and wait a few seconds until you hear a clicking noise and see a pop-up thumbnail.

3: Now, scroll all the way to the left to tap on the Albums folder to see your captured image. If you want to share your screenshot, tap on the Albums option and tap Shared Album.

4: When you’re using Apple’s App Store, you’ll see an image of the car appearing at the corner of the app. Just swipe up from your screen’s bottom and pause for a few seconds to take the screenshot.

You’re all set to take the next screenshot from your iPhone 5c! If you want to take screenshots for business meetings or need easy-to-use screen capture software, get Zight (formerly CloudApp) to capture screenshots with ease.

How Do I Take a Screenshot on an iPhone 5s?

Capturing screenshots on iOS 7 works the same as on iOS 6. If you’re using an iPhone 5s and wondering how to take screenshots from it using the new iOS 7 system, here’s a step-wise guide to help you.

1: To take a screenshot from your iPhone 5s, open the screen or app you want to capture.

2: Quickly press and hold both the Home and Power Button simultaneously. You’ll capture the desired screenshot within seconds.

3: Do not press the power button for too long as it will shut down your device. Always press the two buttons together when taking screenshots from your phone.

4: Release the buttons once you hear a vibration or flash sound. You’ll see a thumbnail or animation appearing on the front of your iPhone 5s screen.

5: Touch the thumbnail to open the captured image. Now, you can edit or delete your image. If you want to continue taking more screenshots, just swipe up. The captured image will automatically save itself in your phone’s photo library.

You’re good to go! You can continue to take more screenshots as much as you like with the same method. If you still need help taking the required screenshots, you can learn more here

How Do I Take a Screenshot on an iPhone 5se?

If you’re an avid iPhone user, you’ll have some idea of how to take screenshots from your iPhone 5se. However, if you’re having problems while taking screenshots, use this step-by-step guide below to help you successfully capture your screenshots.

a) Method 1: Take a Screenshot using Side Buttons

1: To capture the desired image or text, press the side button, i.e., the power button and home button, simultaneously. Keep holding these two buttons, and don’t let go until you take the shot.

2: Immediately release the two buttons once your device vibrates or you hear a sound indicating a screenshot has been taken from your phone.

3: If you’ve successfully captured the screen, you can now edit the screenshot by clicking on the preview of your captured image at the bottom.

4: Finally, save the edited image directly into your phone’s gallery or skip this step and visit your Camera Roll to view the saved screenshot without editing.

b) Method 2: Take a Screenshot using Assistive Touch Feature

You can also enable Assistive Touch by visiting your iPhone’s settings to take the screenshots with the assistive touch button. Please follow these steps to understand more.

1: Enable the Assistive Touch button by going to the Settings area. Choose the General option, which will lead to the Accessibility option. Now, access the Assistive Touch option. You’ll notice a semi-transparent assistive touch button and menu added to your phone’s home screen.

2: Tap the custom icon from the menu and select Screenshot to add the screenshot button to your menu.

3: Start taking screenshots with your Assistive Touch menu by opening your desired screen or app.

4: Finally, tap on the menu and take a one-handed screenshot with the screenshot button. Check your screenshots inside the Photos app.

5: You can immediately edit your screenshots by directly tapping the screenshot preview or sharing your screenshot to any app.

Remember, you can view the captured image in the Photos app if you decide to dismiss the screenshot preview from your home screen.

The Final Verdict

Now you know how to take screenshots from your iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, and 5SE! All these methods will help you capture images and information without hassle.

For enterprise-grade solutions, use the cloud-based software Zight (formerly CloudApp), to capture screenshots or do recordings. You can capture images, gifs, and screen recordings, annotate your captures and share in seconds. Try it for free today or get a demo to see how Zight (formerly CloudApp) can save you time and help you get those annotated screenshots faster.


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