How CloudApp Helps Me as a Growth Manager

In order to reach optimal outcomes, workplace communication is key – that’s where CloudApp comes in.

Zight | July 10, 2022 | 3 min read time

Article Last Updated: July 06, 2023

How CloudApp Helps Me as a Growth Manager

Make work easier, not harder. Record your screen as a video. Communicate visually with co-workers.

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Growth Product Managers such as myself have what is known as a DREAM job. No, I do not mean we are all working from the beach with a tropical drink in hand. Instead, DREAM has a literal meaning as an acronym: Data Rules Everything Around Me.

Everything we do begins with data, but that data cannot help us make growth decisions in a vacuum.

This data must be shared, tested, and analyzed, often among distributed teams. In order to reach optimal outcomes, workplace communication is key – that’s where Zight (formerly CloudApp) comes in.

Improve Workplace Communication

Zight (formerly CloudApp) allows me to quickly communicate the insights I have observed in the data and what I believe we should do with that information through video and screenshots. I can then share these screen recordings with the team to ensure we are all on the same page.

Engineering, Understanding & Video

From there, the data leads us into experiments. Typically, we run a ticket for our engineers to implement an experiment which includes all the basic information you would expect: a description, hypothesis, and acceptance criteria. All of these elements are pretty straightforward and standard; it’s all bones and no meat.

Zight (formerly CloudApp) can help flesh out the bare-bones of the ticket so our engineers have a better understanding of our vision for the experiment. Through Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s integrations with ticketing systems like JIRA, I can add a video getting into the details that would otherwise be too complex in written form.

Video attachment to the ticket has the added benefit of keeping the idea for our experiment accessible and consistent over time. For example, if the engineer has a backlog and gets to our ticket a little later in the week, the video will serve as a refresher of sorts, preserving the context and bringing the engineer up to speed in no time.

Accelerate Workflow

Of course, the benefits to workplace communication do not end there. Once an experiment has been run there is an enormous amount of new data to parse. I could lose hours writing up a textual post-mortem, but with the help of Zight (formerly CloudApp) I can simply record a full video analysis in only a few minutes.

Making the Complex Simple with Video

Complex details can be conveyed in record time; including a recap of the experiment and its objectives, a deep-dive into whether or not the objectives were achieved, what the outcomes were, what we learned, and how we can use this information going forward.

All of this information can be immediately communicated and understood through video, accelerating our workflow. As a final touch, I like to add a description and a button that will link back to the full ticket and video, giving any interested parties the opportunity to really dig down and view the lifecycle of the ticket.


As you can see, using Zight (formerly CloudApp) promotes and improves workplace communication within my own team and with cross-functional teams throughout my organization. Utilizing screen recording spares us extensive back-and-forth clarifications over email and from unproductive meetings that would otherwise dominate our calendars.

So, while the daily work of a Growth Product Manager does not immediately conjure up images of laptops open in a tropical paradise, I can unequivocally say that Zight (formerly CloudApp) does indeed make my job a dream job.

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