Learning About the Future of the Cloud from VMWare

Learn more about the future of the cloud with VMWare

Zight | April 07, 2020 | 2 min read time

Article Last Updated: July 23, 2023

Learning About the Future of the Cloud from VMWare

We are entering an unprecedented time of virtual events. It was only a few weeks ago that I was telling some colleagues that I would be shocked if Adobe Summit was canceled. Having worked at that company for so long, I know how crucial Adobe Summit is for releasing products and meeting with customers.

Well…. I was dead wrong. Week after week conferences were canceled due to COVID-19. On one side, it is a bummer to not be able to connect in person with a lot of people that I love. On the other hand, I love that disruption breeds innovation. I am excited about what some of the greatest brands out there in Adobe, Google, Facebook, Apple, and VMware can do to showcase their brand and products on a digital state.

VMware has a leg up with Virtual

Last Fall I took some time out of a crazy week and invested it toward learning the latest about VMware’s offerings and where it sees the future of Cloud business going. As the Head of Marketing at Zight (formerly CloudApp) (the name says it all), I am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge base to improve my own company outlook.

In my recap post for VMWare in October 2019, I focused on the roots of digital transformation and how companies like Adobe, Google, and VMWare are leading it.

I have similar expectations for the upcoming vForum Online, with a mixture of both high level thought leadership and down in the weeks discussions.

You can expect to hear great keynotes from the VMWare leadership as well as breakouts from some of its top employees.

I am most excited to hear the keynote from CEO Pat Gelsinger and a couple of breakouts focused on remote work. There is so much content though that will be beneficial to anyone in the B2B or IT community. The stats of options are pretty impressive for an online event.

  • Live Q&A with 130 IT experts
  • 10 Instructor-led Hands On Labs
  • 40+ technical breakouts
  • Keynote by VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger

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