What Your Favorite CloudApp Feature Says About Your WFH Style

What your CloudApp fav says about you

Zight | October 22, 2020 | 3 min read time

Article Last Updated: July 13, 2023

What Your Favorite CloudApp Feature Says About Your WFH Style

As you may or may not know, the Zight (formerly CloudApp) team makes a variety of visual collaboration products to assist in making your work life easier and your team’s online communication more efficient (and dare I even say, sometimes fun?)

In the name of a little light quarantine reading, I put together a list of what your feature of choice possibly says about your newfound (or maybe not so newfound) working-from-home style.

Screenshot Tool/Screen Recorder

Our bread and butter. The feature that started it all- you’re classic, an originalist. Your WFH setup is nothing too flashy and you probably haven’t shared a picture of your $800 ergonomic standing desk to Twitter, but it gets the job done. During your lunch hour you can probably be found on a walk through your neighborhood listening to classic Jazz and your favorite after work treat is a pint of Van Leeuwen plain vanilla ice cream. All fuss, no frills, but you get the job done- and your team loves you for it. Nothing wrong with that.

GIF Maker

Operating at the “intersection of tech and creative,” you are more than likely the life of the Slack party and/or obligatory Zoom team happy hour. You have an affinity for the visual and may find yourself spending a little too much time selecting the perfect GIF, but it doesn’t go unnoticed by your colleagues and clients. More than likely an artsy type or former class clown, you know how powerful a compelling visual can be when utilizing e-communication. GIF on, design nerds.


It’s safe to assume you know how to keep a secret. You’re also likely the first choice as confidante for your team members- and that’s really cool. You understand data privacy is no joke and that manifests itself in every detail of your work style. Your personal devices are double-password protected with an encrypted hard drive, and you won’t take a meeting in front of your three-year-olds; not out of fear of them interrupting the call, but rather them sharing non-public software pricing information with their preschool friends. You were an early fan of Big Brother.

Call-to-Action Button

You have no problem cutting right to the chase. On LinkedIn you regularly share the statistics about the billions of dollars and hours wasted by business per year in useless meetings. Receiving a slack from your manager that your weekly 1:1 was cancelled makes you as happy as a kid on Christmas. Your middle name is KPI. Clear and to the point with customers, you have lots of extra free time in your day to dedicate to the new hobbies you’ve begun in quarantine- probably sourdough or podcast related. Kudos to you.

We might be a tad biased, but in our opinion no matter which category you fell under, if you’re a fan of Zight (formerly CloudApp) we already know you’re pretty great. We’re grateful to be playing an integral role for so many people attempting to efficiently and creatively navigate their new WFH realities. So shout out to you savvy professionals everywhere. Keep killin’ it.

About the Author:

Kendall Pennington is on the marketing team at Zight (formerly CloudApp). With her background in all disciplines of marketing she is a Swiss Army knife for the content team.

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