Updates & Presentations That Help You Stand Out with Zight

No one enjoys attending meetings to hear updates and presentations, but we all need to know what’s going on and stay aligned with business information. Using asynchrononus video updates and presentations helps save everyone time by skipping the need for a meeting, while efficiently communicating your points and leave a lasting impression that can be flexibility reviewed at a time that works best for your audience.
Updates & Presentations

Skip The Meeting, Send A Zight Video Instead

Say goodbye to meeting fatigue while adding context and clarity to your status updates and other presentations.

Communicate complex ideas without scheduling another meeting.

Avoid time-consuming wordy chat threads and long emails.

Increase team collaboration and productivity.

Amplify your message without repeating yourself.

Be Seen And Heard Without Constraint

Don’t get lost in the day-to-day shuffle, and avoid setting up another mundane status update meeting. Effectively highlight project statuses or achievements by sending video updates and presentations to employees, teammates, managers, customers, prospects, and more. It is a great way to build a better relationship without the time constraints of a meeting.

Stay Focused, Maintain Alignment

Daily standups or code reviews can pull you out of a productive mindset and disrupt your workflow but they are necessary to help the team stay aligned and aware of issues or blockers. Turn standups from synchronous meetings to asynchronous updates and give engineering teams the flexibility to provide updates in a way that enhances their productivity and aligns with their work style. Learn More

Skip Standups

Fabulous Feature Launches & Roadmap Presentations

Product Managers can share product roadmap updates and show off those latest features to stakeholders and customers. Illustrate to users how to use new features and help internal teams understand and communicate their value straight from the source. Learn More

Feature Releases

Highlight Success, Clarify Improvements

Reviewing complex data points like funnel metrics and ROI can be challenging for some to understand. Providing a screen recording while walking through campaign results, budget reviews, and other nuanced data analysis can help provide context and clarity that minimizes potential for misunderstanding while allowing you to highlight and draw attention to the most important and critical points you want to share. Recordings also provide the ability to have an archive of previous results explained if needed for historical context. Learn More

Review Results

Engage Stakeholders, Anytime

Connecting with customer stakeholders and champions can be challenging. Record QBRs, sales demos, or onboarding trainings and share asynchronous videos to give your prospects and customers a chance to engage with you even when they can’t connect with you directly or join at a scheduled time. Record your screen and face to add a personal touch and improve their experience. Learn More

Customer Engagement
  • All-in-one App

    All-in-one App

    No need to keep track of multiple solutions for screenshots, videos, screen recordings and gifs. Take a full or partial screenshot or dynamically recording your screen as a video or gif in to a unified application.

  • Annotations


    Add clarity with annotations. Use quick drawings, arrows, lines, emojis and other shapes. Blur any sensitive information or help bring attention to important details that might be overlooked or hard to find.

  • Analytics


    Be in the know. See how many views and who has viewed your content. Weekly productivity reports help you recap your own productivity with the items viewed and time saved.

  • Embed


    Easily embed content without having to write any code. Sharing methods offer an embed code you can easily copy and paste wherever you want your content to appear.

  • Collections


    Create folders to store and organize your content creations. Find items faster and share items with team members easier.

  • Shortcuts


    Have a workflow that works for you? Customize your shortcuts to whatever suits you in preferences.

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