Microsoft Teams Integration

Increase productivity and collaborate more efficiently with your team using Zight for MS Teams. Receive instant Zight notifications in MS Teams, informing you that someone watched your video!

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Microsoft Teams Integration

Level Up Your Team

Enable previews of Zight videos and annotated screenshots with real-time notifications.

Richer Previews Of Your Videos And Annotated Screenshots

Use videos, GIFs or annotated screenshots to communicate feedback with the rest of your team. Quickly send an option A and B to choose from, ask for changes with an arrow and a circle on a screenshot or provide a project update with a screen recording. Give clear instructions to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth and shorten the feedback loop.

Communicate Clearly

Real-time Video Activity Notifications

Get instantly notified in Teams. You'll be notified when people interact with your shared Zight links, when someone views your videos and screenshots for the first time, when there are reactions or comments to your videos and screenshots, when someone comments on items where you previously commented, and when your item has reached 5 views.

Instant Notifications

Level Up Distributed Communication

Achieve maximum productivity within different time zones and send video messages that humanize day-to-day communications between remote employees. It’s like a meeting without the need to bring people together at the same time. Communicate clearly and asynchronously from within Teams.

Improve Remote Work

Goodbye Wordy Messages

Show what you’re seeing instead of typing it. It’s way faster than writing a long comment in a Teams message. Screen recordings are also more concise & brief than team meetings.

Save Time


YouTube video

Rich Preview for Teams

Collaborate better with Zight for MS Teams. Just paste a Zight video recording or annotated screenshot into your Teams message and let your team preview the content without leaving Teams! Shared links will also auto-expand to show a preview of the content you are sharing.

Zight Notifications

Zight delivers real-time notifications to your Teams channel. You’ll receive a Teams message when:

  • Someone viewed your link for the first time
  • Your link has been viewed 5 times
  • [email protected] viewed your link for the first time
  • Someone commented on your video
  • Someone mentioned you in a comment
  • Someone reacted to your screenshot

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our integrations will soon be available on the Apps store within Teams.

It’s free! Zight for Teams is available with all plans.