5 Simple Ways to Create Killer Facebook Video Ads

Here are 5 ways to make sure your Facebook video ad game is fierce.

Zight | August 28, 2017 | 4 min read time

5 Simple Ways to Create Killer Facebook Video Ads

If there was a Don Corleone of the marketing world, Facebook video ads would be it.

Not only have Facebook Live and Facebook video ads completely changed the way companies advertise online (a whopping 74% of all Internet traffic is video), pair that with the fact that over the last 18 months the amount of advertisers has more than doubled. Video-based Facebook ads are the new kingpin of online advertising, without showing any signs of slowing down.

Here are 5 ways to make sure your Facebook video ad game is fierce.


Go Live

You obviously can’t run a live video as an ad while it’s still live, but boosting and advertising “lives” once they’ve been saved as a video is a great way to take advantage on a large scale that Facebook Live is a game-changer.

Everyone’s adopted the live trend – influencers, brands, media companies, you name it. Facebook Live created an entirely new kind of content and since Facebook rolled out FB Live last spring, it’s popularity has grown over 300%.

Why go live?

People love to hear from real people, they hate feeling sold to and they love the behind the scenes of real, unfiltered content. In fact, Facebook users spend 3X more time watching live content than traditional videos. And if it “looks” live in an ad, you’ll pick up on the benefit of this stat.

Once you know who you’re advertising to, create a livestream that offers value on a hot topic that your audience is dying to know about. Keep it informative, brief, and value-packed. Then watch as the fans (and conversions) stack up.


Create a Compelling Montage

You only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention (thanks autoplay!) so you have to be ready to hook them fast!

A montage is a visually exciting way to show your viewers a quick and informative story, about you, what your offer is and why it benefits them to check you out. Like a mini-movie a montage can offer a lot of storytelling in one, brief knockout punch.

One of the best ways to make your montage standout is to create a custom thumbnail for your video. It will be the first frame people see before the video autoplays. This allows you to linger on the most engaging frame and pull your viewer into watching the rest of montage. Keep in mind to make sure that your custom thumbnail is less than 20% text.



Just like the mini-movie/montage, a mini-presentation or value-packed overview that leaves your viewer wanting more works when you know your audience.

Sharing a brief video from your screen recorder to show off a simple trick to solve a simple, but pain-in-the-butt problem for your target audience is a great way to hook the viewer with value-based content, prove that you’re worthy of collecting their email and get them to check out your offer – because if the free stuff is that good, they know your paid info must be off the hook!


Different Videos for Instagram & Facebook

Don’t create a video for Instagram and then run it on Facebook – or vice versa. Customizing each video for each platform and even by device (Samsung vs. Apple) gives you the best chance of maximizing reach, engagement and watch time.


Call Them to Action

Here’s the deal. Words matter.

Video is awesome, tells a story, hooks your viewer and can create a sale, but you must let your audience know what you want them to DO with all of this killer information. A great video needs a great call to action – and even better if you place your call to action in the post copy AND if there’s a call to action in the video. Remember, a call to action is just one action-item. It’s not visit our website, subscribe to our list and check out our offer. It’s only one of those things.

Want to create a bomb mini-presentation that your target audience will love? Create a mini-presentation prime and ready for a Facebook ad with Zight (formerly CloudApp) screen recording. Already on it? Show us what you’ve created in the comments!

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