Magical AI Powers For Your Videos

Amplify your video productivity with Zight AI Video, making your videos more searchable and engaging!

Smart Titles

TLDW: Video Summarizer

Auto-Transcribe & Translation with Captions

Smart Chapters (coming soon!)

Automate The Pain Out Of Making Videos

video captioning

Smart Titles

Give our AI your video, and we’ll near instantly give you back a title that’s relevant based on the content you recorded & discussed in the video

TLDW; Video Summarizer

Tired of getting sent videos without any context? Or painstakingly making your own descriptions? Now every video you make can have a short description that is automatically created without your input to provide instant context to your coworker or teammate. Saving you both time.

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video customer support

Auto-Transcribe with Captions

Lost your headphones? Not in a place where you can listen to a video? Now you can watch videos with magically applied captions & and easy to read transcription. These videos are much more accessible now!

AI Translation (50+ Languages)

If you think transcribing English is cool, we’ve got the power to take 50+ other languages and apply those same powers too!

video storyboard

Smart Chapters

Putting together a masterful video presentation used to just mean making a long video. With Smart Chapters we can break up the content at exactly the right time and name the headings to each chapter automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zight AI is still in it’s beta phase and you can get access to Zight AI by requesting it through this form.

These features have been launched exclusively for a select group of customers. All you need to do is request access and we’ll get you in within 1-2 business days.

For the duration of the beta testing phase (2-3 months), these features will be available free of charge.

  1. Automatic transcription of all your videos, including captioning.
  2. Auto-generation of video titles.
  3. Automatic summarization of your videos in the description field.
  4. Support transcriptions in more languages than just english (the summarization is currently shown in english-only)

These enhancements aim to make your videos more searchable and engaging by providing additional context before viewing (say goodbye to generic recording names!)

While we are still in the beta phase, we expect the Zight AI Add-on to be priced somewhere between $5 and $10 per user per month, in addition to other existing subscription costs. The magic of AI has it’s own set of costs, so we won’t be able to include it within your existing subscription.

You can absolutely edit the titles, and the description generated and applied to your content, but you cannot yet edit the transcriptions or contents generated. More to come!

If you’re looking to improve & edit your videos, we’ve got an incredible suite of video editing functionality built into Zight that you can learn more about here.