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Share information faster with visual context for added clarity. Create, annotate and share screenshots, videos, screen recordings, GIFs and more.

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Freedom with Visual Async

Flexible communication solutions for the modern workforce

Save Time, Record a Video Instead

Win back your calendar and stop wasting time in unnecessary synchronous meetings. Provide the context and clarity needed without playing musical calendars. Video recordings and screen captures are great for training and onboarding, support and troubleshooting, giving regular updates or presentations, and relationship building for distributed teams and hard-to-connect-with customers. Learn More

Reduce Meetings

Get More Done in Your Day

Zight helps streamline your workflows to help you get more done. With easily sharable links, and visual context, you can avoid wasting time on miscommunications, chat battles, and finding the right words for that lengthy email. Learn More

Improve Productivity

Be Understood, Seek to Understand

Poor communication costs more than you think. From tone, context and perception to missed connections, and language barriers. Communication is hard. Giving clarity and context to written communication improves understanding and collaboration. Learn More

Enhance Communication

Be More Than Words on a Screen

In the digital age of distributed communication and packed workdays, it can be hard to connect with someone on the other side of the screen. Adding a human touch to asynchronous communications allows you to build a human connection and be more than words on a screen. Learn More

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How It Works

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much more you can say with a screenshot, GIF or video.

As Easy As 1-2-3

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1. Capture + Record

Zight is an easy-to-use all-in-one application. Capture full or partial screenshots. Record a video, your screen, or both. Record a gif or upload existing content.

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2. Edit & Annotate

Modify and edit your content to add emphasis and clarity. Editing capabilities allow you to trim recordings, add arrows and text, crop, blur and more.

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3. Share Instantly

Zight works where you work. Easily share your content as a link to streamline your workflow and get more done.

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Great for occasional needs, a quick project, or just to give us a try and poke around.


Great for you as an army of one. Get everything you need and unlimited usage on our Pro Plan.


All the benefits of Pro for the whole team plus advanced features and more admin controls.


All the features your teams love with the enterprise-grade security, privacy, and admin controls your organization needs and so much more…

Enterprise Customers

Security, Privacy and Domain Level Control

Leave Your Mark, Your Way

Enhance brand recognition with a custom domain that gives you additional control and functionality. Make an impression on your customers, and make it last. Learn More

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One Login, More Security

Single Sign-On (SSO) can be a critical aspect of your security procedures. Users can skip creating yet another password, and IT can feel secure leveraging SSO for user management. Learn More

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Audio to Text

Instantly convert your video’s audio into text. Transcripts give you more content for less effort and make your video content more searchable. Learn More

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We’re Here for You

From a dedicated account manager to personalized onboarding and training, our team is here to help you succeed at every turn. Learn More

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